The Villebillies

Out of the hills and hollers of Sydney's Inner West, the five-piece Villebillies sing pre-loved Americana tales with a dusting of old folk, alt-folk and country/bluegrass. Heather Davidson's rich vocals, buttressed by Fiona Cook's sweet harmonies deliver honest, toe-tapping songs about life. The Villebillies confess to an eclectic musical wardrobe, resurrecting songs anywhere from Hank Williams to First Aid Kit. With the nimble fingered Steve Lansdowne on banjo, dobro, lap steel and guitar and the addition of Pete Velzen (The Gadflys/Falling Joys) on drums and Steve Junor (The Bravados, Kinski) on keys and guitar, this mob covets your heart and offers a straight-shootin' shortcut to good times.

The Villebillies

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